Thursday, April 19, 2012

8.) Internal/External Conflicts

Internal Conflicts
-Losing his humanity

 Pi is, and always has been, very religious; his first memory is even of a Hindu temple.He's fascinated and enthralled with religion. After discovering a Christian church and speaking to Father Martin he becomes a Christian along with being a Hindu. Islam wasn't far behind, though this religious choice bothered his parents. They accepted it and even bought him a prayer rug, but they just couldn't understand why he had choosen three religions.
 The imam and the priest nodded."But he can't be a Hindu, a Christian and a Muslim. It's impossible. He must choose."
 "I don't think it's a crime, but I suppose you're right," Father replied.
 The three murmured agreement and looked heavenward, as did Father, whence they felt the decision must come. Mother loked at me.
 A silence fell heavily on my shoulders.
"Hmmm, Piscine?" Mother nudged me. "How do you feel about the question?"
"Bapu Gandhi said, 'All religions are true.' I just want to love God," I blurted out, red in the face.

 Piscine himself notices his loss of humanity when he compares his eating to Richard Parker's. He notices he eats his food as quick and animalistic as Richard Parker does. Other examples of his slipping humanity would be the first time he killed a fish. As a Hindu, and a vegetarian, he saw all life as sacred, but when placed in this situation I had ignore all his morals in order to survive. The sun beats down on him and wears the clothes off his back, leaving him living in the nude for the majority of his life in the boat.

External Conflicts 
-The elements
-The animals

 The elements such as the sun and storms acted as a huge opponent for Pi. The sun beat down on everything he had, wearing it down into until it becomes unfunctional. Storms tore apart his safety raft, which he used to get away from Richard Parker when it was necessary, and nearly capsized his boat on countless occasions.

 The more obvious foes would be the animals, most predominately Richard Parker. Richard Parker as a fully grown tiger is an insurmountable danger to human, especially in as close quarters Pi and Richard Parker were. The only reason why he is most predominate, in comparison to the hyena or orangutan, is due only to the larger amount of time Richard Parker spent with him. If Richard Parker had not been between the hyena and Pi, Pi would've been torn to shreds the second he was thrown aboard the boat. The orangutan, seemingly harmless, showed her deathly ferocity when attacked by the hyena. The blows to the head the hyena accumulated from her blows would have, without a doubt, killed a man. Any live animal is a deathly creature to a human if provoked. Pi's father spent an entire day showing his children the dangers of each animal in their zoo, and the consequences if they were messed with. The only reason why Pi was able to over these animal adversaries was his background in animal taming that spurred from being raised in a zoo. A normal person could not have accomplished the trials he faced.

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